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To ensure you get the best out of your 1.5 oz. medium-dark gift bag I have created this brew method.

You'll need:  small french press or other brewing instrument, scale, hot water (202 F.), a timer, and a mug.

Start by pouring some hot water into your french press and your mug to warm up your instruments. Heat lost for such a small brew makes a big difference in end product.

Dispose of hot water in your french press and immediately put your coffee into a small french press along with 26 oz. of water that is at a temperature of 202F. dont forget to start your timer!

Total brew time is 4 minutes with an agitation at 30 seconds. Agitate the grounds to knock all the gases coming out of the grounds and ensures a thorough brew.

dispose of the hot water in your mug and pour your hot coffee into it.


P.S. We are now offering tours!