December Kona Love Letter - Linda

December 1, 2021

Dear Kona Love People,

While “Fall” is a difficult season to identify in Hawai’i, around the farm there are a few signs that we are approaching Thanksgiving and that harvest time is upon us. It is possible to see wild turkeys roaming through the farm throughout the year, but it seems to be the mating season in the Fall as they roam in large groups with at least 2 toms vying for the attention of the females with their tail feather displays. I always find their prevalence at this time of year to be ironic.

Of course, the largest harvest is getting the coffee beans off the trees. Still, we also harvest guava, lilikoi, and varieties of avocados, which makes me happy because my favorite sandwich is turkey, bacon, and avocado! During the weeks when I do not need to be picking, I am making guava and lilikoi jelly, dehydrating bananas and star fruit, another Fall crop on the farm.

Most people consider Hawaii to have only 2 seasons- wet and dry! Fall is a dry stretch, which gives us a chance to cut back the growth from the wet seasons. While the coqui frogs may disappear up the mountain for more moisture resulting in quieter evenings around here, the sound of chainsaws and the chipper fill our days. See Dick’s post for more info on chipping.

Giving thanks for all of our bounties here at Boranian Farms and hoping your Fall harvest is a good one!

A hui hou,


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