Farm Tours / Directions

Enjoy a private farm experience at Boranian Farms, where Kona Love Coffee is produced. You and your guests will have a private tasting of our highly-rated Kona coffee and learn the regenerative natural farming practices we use to grow and process our coffee.

  • Tours include a visit around the farm grounds followed by a coffee tasting
  • Minimum of 2 people to book a tour

Tour Days: almost every day (wet season May-October can hinder farm tours but not tasting)
Tour Length: 60 minutes
Cost: $20/person
Tour Times: we are flexible

To book a tour, call (808)443-8179.


19°38'10.7"N 155°57'03.9"W

Here is a pin for the top of my driveway. The new cement driveway is on the Makai side (ocean side) of the road and is edged with yellow pillars. There’s also a bright pink mailbox. It’s a tight turn when approaching from the north so please be careful. Come down the driveway until you see an open gate with brass bells hanging from its post and a “zouk” sign, turn right onto the grass. Do not continue downhill of the zouk sign. Follow the coffee row up to the bamboo structure and park near the structure.