Our Story

Pictured from left to right: Joshua Boranian, Linda Boranian, and Dickran Boranian


About Boranian Farms

You are about to embark on a coffee tasting adventure that began 30 years ago on our family-owned and operated, single-estate coffee farm nestled in the heart of the Kona coffee belt. From the beginning, Boranian Farms has used a permaculture design process that defines and uses the natural energy flow on our upcountry farm. This process taught us the direct relationships between soil, plant, and human health. Implementing regenerative agricultural practices such as Korean natural farming and mulching, our nitrogen-fixing trees enriches and enhances our soil. You will find without post-harvest tinkering, these pre-harvest practices produce some of the finest Kona coffee available. Our coffee, sold under the Kona Love Coffee Company label, is always hand-picked at the peak of ripeness and sun-dried on the deck of our award-winning bamboo structure.

In addition to growing coffee, we also grow 'ulu, banana, taro, papaya, turmeric, ginger, dragon fruit, and avocado. During the off season, the farm is also used for special events and Rio/lamba Zouk nights.

About Joshua

Joshua Boranian was born in Orange County and moved to Hawaii before his first birthday. His interest in farming started young as weekend chores led to interactions with the natural world that surrounded him on his family’s farm in Holualoa. Growing up, he found solace in exploring the wild areas around and within the farm. While studying at Mesa Community College in San Diego, he pursued a degree in fashion design, which turned out to be unfruitful, so he returned to his roots in Hawaii and obtained a B.S. in tropical horticulture from the University of Hawaii at Hilo.  Since then, his focus has been growing coffee and many other crops via natural regenerative agriculture, applying the knowledge he learned in school directly on the farm. By practicing sustainable living and farming practices, his hope is to provide healthy foods and a healthy place to experience life.